Sub Floor Repair & Installation

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Sub Floor Repair & Installation

To successfully install a Hardwood floor in a commercial or industrial facility, you need a high quality concrete substrate or subfloor. At APlus Flooring Services, we offer a full sub-flooring installation or repair service as part of our hardwood flooring system, ensuring your sub-floor is perfectly configured to accept and support your Hardwood flooring installation.

APlus Hardwood Floors proudly offers subfloor installation, also known as underlayment. The only thing more important than quality hardwood floor installation is the quality of installing subflooring.

We are licensed and insured, with years of experience in replacing subflooring, installing and repairing, giving you peace of mind when you choose APlus Hardwood Floors for your hardwood flooring project.

What is Subflooring?

Subflooring is the structural support flooring below finished flooring that is held up by flooring joists. Typically, subflooring is composed of durable plywood or concrete. Depending on your specific needs and situation, it may be in your best interest to replace your current subflooring, before installing new hardwood floors.

Replacing Sub Flooring

Replacement of this flooring will heavily depend on its current condition. If you are conducting a remodel, and your subflooring is excessively damaged, you will need to replace it to ensure proper installation of the finished floor. If your subfloor is compromised and finished floors are still installed, this can result in costly damages in the future and poor quality hardwood flooring.

Inspection for Subflooring Installation

APlus Hardwood Floors will ensure the subflooring is sound, clean, level and moisture-free. Our subfloor repair contractors will first inspect your subflooring, then clean it thoroughly. They will then replace any compromised subflooring and check to see that it is completely level.

Sections of subflooring that are not level will be sanded down as needed. Next, we will check the moisture level of the subflooring using moisture detection equipment. Once the subfloor is in the proper condition, we will begin installing your hardwood floors.

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