Hardwood Floors Staining

Hardwood Floors Staining
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Wood Floor varnishing / staining

Hardwood floor stains can dramatically change the color of your floor, allowing you to not only try something different but give your room an immediate lift without the cost of replacing your whole floor. Any hardwood floor can receive this revitalizing treatment, bringing an otherwise dull surface back to life. Floor staining also provides protection against shoes, wheels, water or whatever else your floor encounters day to day!


We have a team of qualified floor sanding and finishing experts available. When one of our professionals visits you, we can apply several different colour samples to your floor to aid your decision in any way possible. Unlike many other floor sanding companies, we prefer to do this than provide colour charts, as stains often look different on different types of wood. We go the extra mile to ensure that you know what colour you’re getting and will be happy with the finished product.

Whether you require a new finish for your restaurant or shop floor, or a solution more tailored to domestics needs, we can select the solution most suitable for your project.

Floor staining is a process that requires a professional service, like that which Quicksand Flooring provides, as it accentuates any scratches or sanding errors in the wood. Our floor sanding experts always ensure a high-quality sand with the best equipment before staining. With Quicksand, you know that your floor will look beautiful, modern and fresh.

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